Founded in 2013 by Jesse Cohen, Carolyn Lazard, and Bonnie Swencionis, Canaries is a network of cis women, trans and non-binary people living and working with autoimmune conditions and other chronic illnesses. The group name references “canaries in the coal mine”—shorthand for those whose sensitivities are early indicators of adverse conditions in the environment. Since our formation, Canaries has functioned as a support group with monthly meetings, a listserv, and an art collective. Though originally based in NYC, meetings are now largely virtual and members of our community participate from various locations around the US as well as internationally. While not all of our members are artists, many are painters, performers, and writers whose somatic experiences exceed interpretation by biomedical discourse. Canaries members come together to build shared language and exchange strategies for coping with and learning from their conditions. As an art collective, Canaries has exhibited projects, programmed screenings, and facilitated workshops at Cleopatra’s, Franklin Street Works, The New Museum, Light industry, Project Row Houses, and EFA Project Space, among others.